Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Urgent Help! I need help in finding Shadow a good home asap!

Hello Friends!  I am trying to help friends find a good home for "Shadow".  He is a sweet, gentle house dog who is a great companion.  Shadow is about 7 years old.  His owner is very ill and is currently in the hospital but will be moved to a nursing home soon.  The nursing home, of course, does not allow pets.  My friends who are currently taking care of Shadow needs to find a home for him ASAP as the apartment complex that they live in does not allow pets either and they were told that if they continue to keep the dog there, they will be evicted.  If he does not find a home soon, he will be taken to the Humane Society. 
This is just too sad.  Shadow is staying on and off in my yard in a little make shift house.  He's okay when people are with him outside, but it's clear that he is not happy when he is left outside.  He's not too happy about being outdoors because he is actually a house dog.  My poor Mochiko would freak out if Shadow came into her house!
If you know of anyone who could give this sweet dog a home, please send me an email ASAP!  I would truly hate to see this dog put down.
Thank you for reading my post tonight!


  1. Teri, is there an animal shelter near you that would take him & find him a home...someone who wants to adopt him through the shelter? He's so cute!

  2. I'm praying that you will be able to find a good home for Shadow soon.